Music – John Zorn – The Dreamers

John Zorn – The Dreamers
“Special Collection”
“The Gentle Side”

2010 Tzadik Records TZ 6001
Limited edition picture disc, 180 gram vinyl
original US pressing
matrix/ deadwax info, hand etched, except MASTERDISK stamp:
mastered by Scott Hull, lacquer cut by “AD”

A1 – Uluwati
A2 – Po’o'uli
A3 – Oriel
A4 – Hashul
A5 – Forbidden Tears
B1 – Zavebe
B2 – Akialoa
B3 – Mysterious Starling
B4 – Nekashim
B5 – Kakawahie

Vibraphone – Kenny Wollesen
Drums – Joey Baron
Guitar – Marc Ribot
Keyboards – Jamie Saft
Bass – Trevor Dunn
Percussion – Cyro Baptista

Composer, arranger, conducter, producer: John Zorn

Art design by Heung-Heung Chin
Executive Producer – Kazunori Sugiyama
Recorded by Marc Urselli at EastSide Sound, NYC
Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk, NYC

vinyl LP transfer at 24-bit 96khz 24/96

transfer info:
Nitty Gritty Record Master
Music Hall MMF 9.1
sticky hand stylus cleaning
Goldring 1042
Bellari VP-130 phono preamp, with vintage Telefunken 12AX7 smooth plates
Mytek Stereo192 ADC (analog to digital converter)
TT Weights center weight, Blue Jean LC-1 interconnects
software used: Soundforge 10.0, ClickRepair 3.6.1 (in manual mode), Trader’s Little Helper 2.7.0
transferred January 2012

flac fingerprints:
A1 – Uluwati.flac:6e3daea4bab001a9a912f2f2c91dec4a
A2 – Po’o'uli.flac:bf14c790577d0a5035b644ac110ed108
A3 – Oriel.flac:9479def7e4740c4f20922bc8206b5141
A4 – Hashul.flac:96db2db8c36b53b20ccde7149b3133f2
A5 – Forbidden Tears.flac:28ef76c18115db1efda594d0c60bcd3f
B1 – Zavebe.flac:9a934630e99dcdbbc43b57d363af45e2
B2 – Akialoa.flac:9589c81c0c473cb419171d0f9a0d7f72
B3 – Mysterious Starling.flac:2feaef2c1d711a5fca093a042596d8d3
B4 – Nekashim.flac:47373d2c6dc9a06e5cfaa3281135b58d
B5 – Kakawahie.flac:e61e6e68c6c607d4650a6a803b020be4

John Zorn’s exotica/ lounge music project. This is definitely not Naked City. This album is a compilation of songs by The Dreamers, specially remastered for this vinyl release. Nice surfy guitar tones from Ribot. The picture disc was surprisingly noise free, very few clicks, but perhaps a higher noise floor, which you’d never notice, except between tracks.

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